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I will tell you the real yoga stretch massage you do not learn a handy lesson. Over the more than 15 years, I've hit the leadership of Thai yoga massage. And, we have been faced with a lot of questions and problems. In other schools, Many people learned the massage such as fixed package of procedure. I do not have never thought that the should I step on the steps that massage is routine. The I think massage is not something never procedures and order. Client of the body in different things each and every, it is not able to exert never effect only go through the same procedure. So, for many of the professional therapist and national qualified personnel until now, I have been teaching massage my own thought. Many of the stretching technique and I have devised, I have to tell it in school lessons. I've been teaching, the last in my massage style, perhaps, it is not a traditional Thai massage.

I was asked from a lot of students. "The what if, can I become a good massage therapist?" I answered. "If you want to be able to be well massage, first, massage it is that you do not think will become good. If provide what clients want, they'll be sure to say" It's good. "" The important thing is to take that first opponent want. And, if the needs and wants that are not in the words to form, so it is good. To do so, in the calm your feelings, if touches gently on the body of the other party, you should know what opponent mind and body are wants what. Because is not each other's body is touching, energy is transmitted to the nature.

I think "massage is TAO."It is a moral, it is philosophy. Rather than impose around the just my theory and convenience, love partner, is learning to build a relationship with each other and respect each other. In calm the mind to eliminate our own. That way, the body is moving on their own, it is something that can massage the other party wants.

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